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Joseph Campbell said: "Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again." This is my sacred space, in the midst of a jumble of books of no particular denomination in a cavernous dimly-lit library hall, whiling my time away among the musty pages while the world busy destroying itself outside. You are welcome, fellow reader, to share this space.

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The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Science Fiction - George Mann This one is a fantastic resource for all SF lovers. It gives a wide range of information about authors and movies, and also about various SF themes, societies, awards and recipients. An excellent reference book into which one can dip at will. The only possible flaw is that it gives glowing reviews to each book and film it tackles, so a pinch of salt is recommended.

I have been using this a basic resource to catch up on my SF reading (especially the classics) and viewing for the past three years.